Katherine Reinaldo

Founder of Kathy’s Nail Lab

Waking up and working in a career I'm passionate about everyday is a dream! I created this space for every nail tech to feel empowered and find some goodies for themselves. I welcome you to get the newest nail tech merch and supplies all in one place!

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They say ;)

  • Miranda

    "Im obsessed with the 2 in 1 cuticle bit, i use it on every client."

  • Cierra

    "The drill bit cleaner has worked amazing, i used to dip my bits in acetone for 30 minutes and not even that would take off the gunk in my bits!"

  • Ashley

    "I love the nail tech blanket, my clients always comment on it when they sit in my waiting area."

  • Natalie

    "Loving my new nail plug tumbler!"